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Project Description

The SharePoint Performance Tests have been created using Visual Studio Team System 2008 Test Edition to facilitate load testing of SharePoint collaboration sites. The project contains tests for browsing, opening files, searching and uploading documents.

This project aims to provide guidance and a basic test framework to aid performance testing of SharePoint collaboration sites. The initial release includes the following web tests:
  • Browse page
  • Download document
  • Run search query
  • Upload document

These tests have been designed to be configurable and extensible to allow for a variety of test situations. For example you can specify any number of pages to be included in the browse web test, or any number of documents to be uploaded in the upload document test as shown below. When these are included in a load test a random item will be picked to better reflect actual user behaviour on the site.

Once you are happy with the configuration you can then create a load test or use one of the example ones included to simulate a variety of actions on your site. For example the ‘Collaboration’ load test uses a mix of browsing, searching, uploading and downloading. Settings such as the number of users to simulate, and the servers to monitor can be selected. Once this is in place Visual Studio can run the tests and collect a rich set of statistics as shown below.


These tests were built using concepts from the performance tests included in the SharePoint 2007 Test Data Population Tool CodePlex project and Liam Cleary's blog posts on MOSS2007 Testing Using Visual Studio Team System 2008.

Any feedback welcome - I hope you find it useful.

Ari Bakker

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