SharePoint performance and scalability

Mar 5, 2010 at 7:37 AM

I came across discussions and articles like on on caching solution for SharePoint. Several companies have developed software that uses caching techniques and content optimization for boosting the performance of the application. These software i came across include Ncachepoint and Avepoint.

Microsoft has developed such a big software sharepoint which costs huge amount to its users but yet the application has performance and scalability issues. This causes its consumers to think to use third-party caching solution to resolve sharepoint's performance and scalability issues.

SharePoint 2010 will soon be used, what do we expect from microsoft, this edition is going to fix the performance issues or consumers still have to spend additional money for resolving its performance issues. 


Any SharePoint 2010 user here can explain, how is it better than sharepoint 2007 in terms of performance on peak load and the scalability?